payment solution

With many years of experience in the payment industry, we provide a unique and highly valuable turnkey payment solution while meeting application customization needs.

Tailor-made firmware for backward compatible or plug-and-play functionality.

Developing Level 3 (L3) payment applications and implementing L3 functionality in the cloud to reduce customer costs and save time.

Ancillary value-added services for payment transactions and payment acceptances.

The power behind your payment transaction

Our turnkey payment solution is not merely a collection of tools but rather enablers of a wide range of services designed specifically for the diverse activities and needs of ISO and ISV partners.

Shared Service Points

We provide payment terminals and other payment acceptance devices capable of processing multiple electronic payments and accepting various cards, along with the development of complex payment applications.

UIC charging solution

Solution Services

Our turnkey payment solutions encompass hardware devices, payment processing, cloud transaction collection, integrated payment solutions, and cutting-edge, five-star payment technology with industry-leading security and reliability. These are designed to cater to the specific business needs of your clients.

Transaction Process and Cloud

Today, payments are as easy as TAP & GO, but behind the scenes, numerous featured elements work together to ensure a smooth and efficient experience. We would like to offer you an additional cloud service for transactions to support a wide range of experiences.


Real time monitoring

Beyond the payment processors, the transaction data takes a few days to trace; however, it provides a comprehensive real-time picture of their activity.

Store and forward

The application allows merchants to process transactions offline when there is an outage or when connectivity is known to be unreliable.

Transaction aggregation

Collect the related transactions together to consolidate them into one single transaction.

Post transaction

Offer refund and void functions that are helpful for partners providing services.

Intelligent diagnostic

For incomplete transaction, fraud detection, multiple transactions with the same volume…etc.

Settlement & finance

Customize the transaction report and provide detailed fund information.

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