Unattended Payment Systems

UIC’s unattended payment systems provide secure and reliable transactions ideal for parking lots, vending machines, public transportation, and other unattended environments.


OEM Contactless Unattended Reader

  • All in one design with antenna and controller combined into one single unit, available as an OEM module that retains all certifications without the housing
  • Indoor and outdoor applications

Bezel 8

3 in 1 Advanced Contact/Contactless Unattended Device

  • Device manageable, service upgradeable
  • NFC Ready
  • Linux Operating System


Vending Versatile PINPad

  • Versatile payment PIN pad with PCI certifications
  • User friendly ergonomics
  • Ideal for retail and financial applications

Pay As You Go EV Charging

Unattended electronic payment systems are one of the most popular checkout methods in the retail marketing industry. While the idea is still relatively novel, these unattended systems are slowly gaining traction as part of the automotive industry—mostly as billing systems for electric vehicle charging stations. UIC, recognizing the need for unattended credit card payment on EV charging stations, offers a wide range of unattended payment systems to make you and your customer’s lives easier.

Our unattended EV charging station billing systems ensure safety and expedite the checkout process to reduce hold-ups, as well as, the risk of financial fraud. We offer a wide variety of products under the banner of unattended billing systems including:

  • Unattended contactless readers—TAA compliant and NFC compatible contactless billing systems designed for indoor and outdoor use.
  • 3-in-1 contact/contact less Bezel 8 billing systems—TAA compliant, NFC compatible billing system. The unit is built with an LCD display to inform customers of their transaction statuses, and surface mounting functions.
  • Versatile vending pads—a low-cost solution, designed for rugged use. The unit is PCI approved for secure transactions and TAA compliant.

If you’re looking for an electric vehicle charging payment system, get in touch with us today for more information on our products.