Semi-Integrated Payment Systems

UIC Semi-Integrated payment system help merchants simplify and streamline processes, reduce costs, enhance service and maximize efficiency.



PoT - Payment of Thing

Simplifying EMV Migration 

  • Streamline L1, L2, L3 and processor certification
  • Reconfigurable payment device for different readers
  • Lower the cost of maintaining PCI validation and compliance

Bezel 8

3 in 1 Advanced Contact/Contactless Unattended Device

  • Device manageable, service upgradeable
  • NFC Ready
  • Linux Operating System


Magnetic Stripe and Integrated Circuit Card (ICC) reader 

  • Compliant with PCTSSC SRED v4.1 & VDSP P2PE
  • End to End Encryption based on TDES, AES
  • Features DUKPT key management