MRD531 (SOP)

Lead Free CMOS Frequency/Double Frequency (F2F) Decoder Chip

  • TAA Compliant
  • Triple track F2F decoder chip
  • Support 3.3V~5.0V working environment
  • Enhanced noise filter
  • SOP 28 PIN
  • Integrated Amplification Circuit for magnetic head signal
  • Both output polarities supported
  • Adjustable read data output clock pulse width
  • Triple channel and support for 75/210bpi recording density​
  • Magnetic head data input frequency range from 300 bit/sec to 12600 bit/sec
  • Power-down stand-by mode to reduce current consumption
  • 11 leading bits ignored
  • Enhanced noise filter
  • Automatic offset voltage cancellation circuit for amplifiers
  • Advanced algorithm to effectively read poor condition cards as well as high jitter cards

The MRD531 is a lead-free CMOS integrated circuit that recovers F2F encoded data received from a magnetic head. 

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