Countertop Payment Systems

Our countertop payment systems provides you with a broad range of payment terminal options including NFC, mobile wallets, EMV, and contactless payments for a fast and secure transaction.

With more and more customers choosing to go cashless, it’s imperative that businesses are equipped with reliable countertop payment systems and devices of the highest quality. As a business, you should ensure that your countertop payment systems never expose your customers to any risks; sensitive payment data must be secure at all times and the check-out process is efficient and user-friendly. At UIC World, you can find innovative POS countertop payment devices that offer heightened cyber security. 


Secure EMV and Magnetic Stripe Reader

  • EMV Level 1 and 2 certified
  • EMV and magnetic stripe data encryption
  • Features DUKPT key management


MSR and Integrated Circuit Card (ICC) reader 

  • Compliant with PCI/PTS SRED v4.1 & VDSP P2PE
  • End to End Encryption based on TDES, AES, and RSA.
  • Features DUKPT key management


Encrypted Key Pad with MSR and EMV Reader

  • EMV L1 and L2 certified and ready for L3 integration.
  • Supports TDES and AES encryption algorithms with DUKPT key management scheme


End to End Encrypted MSR with SRED

  • Two-Frequency coherent phase(F2F) decoding
  • High-performance 32-bit enhanced RISC SecureCore Microcontroller
  • Built-in battery for security data backup


Versatile Countertop PINpad Payment Device

  • Integrated Magnetic stripe ,IC card and Contactless readers (NFC ready)
  • Ethernet or Wifi+Bluetooth Integrated
  • EMV Level 1 & Level 2, PCI 3.1 and TQM


PCI 3.0 Approved Advanced Payment Terminal

  • Various types and option for GPRS
  • Supports all types of cards
  • Certified PCI 3.0, EMV L1 & L2 , and TQM


USB HID Keyboard Interface Magnetic Stripe Reader

  • Firmware downloadable
  • Read and convert magnetic stripe data to USB or USB HID/USB keyboard interface
  • 15KV air ESD protection


Android Touch Screen POS System

  • Android 7.1
  • Payment reader supports PCI SRED, EMV L1 & L2
  • True flat bezel design with multi-points capacitive touch


Windows Touch Screen POS System

  • Microsoft Windows 10
  • Payment reader supports PCI SRED, EMV L1 & L2
  • True flat bezel design with multi-points capacitive touch

UIC Check Reader

Countertop Smart Motorized Check Reader

  • Reads and converts magnetic stripe data to USB or USB HID/ USB keyboard interfaces​
  • Firmware Downloadable​
  • Read magnetic stripe cards conforming to ISO 7811, AAMVA, and custom data formats​