Payment solutions for self service

Efficient Payment Solutions for Unattended & Automated Businesses

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Payment Experience for Unattended & Automated Business

The ultimate in unattended payment solutions transforming your business operations, delight customers, and elevate their overall experiences.

Integrated card reader solution for self-service machines

Self-service kiosks provide a multitude of services and information in numerous industries. For owners wanting to monetize the distribution of these services everywhere, an integrated applications to be added.

UIC’s cashless payment solutions save your integration costs and eliminate development efforts.


of UIC’s solution for unattended  business

Cloud service with operational excellence

Cloud to cloud communications, one dashboards with real time transaction reporting and feature rich options that can be added or removed as needed.

Suitable for generic and pulse machines

Whether it is an high tech or legacy machines, as long as it follows past payment behavior, UIC’s cashless solution can support and maintain the ease of integration.

Give your customers a safe and smooth experience

Our payment solution revolutionizes the unattended experience, customers can use their preferred payment method – credit card, mobile wallets, or contactless payments, to pay what they want to pay. Self-service machine, no fuss.

Innovative payment solutions

designed with your unattended business in mind

Vending payment

Offering the vending industry with the most updated unattended payment solutions.

Parking payment

Lower your operating expenses and increase your efficiency with cashless payment solutions.

Kiosk payment

Easy and efficient integrated payment solutions for your next kiosk project.

Laundry payment

Transform your laundry business and operations into a fully customizable payment solution.

Various hardware options

meet different unattended business needs

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