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The ultimate mobile payment terminal, Pixie-5n ensures secure transactions anywhere, anytime. Its user-friendly design makes it easy to operate, allowing you to focus on growing your business.

Explore our range of payment card readers, tailored to suit various business requirements.
Find the perfect reader you need to run your business smarter, faster, easier with one single integration.

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Minimize workload

With our range of sleek, modern payment devices, you can seamlessly integrate a cashless solution into your existing unattended payment environment with ease.


Made for any venue

Safe transactions every time

Reduced complexity

Purposeful design for meaning ful idea

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UIC Bezel 8 contactless payment terminal

Bezel 8-S

The Bezel 8-S is highly secure, equipped with a powerful 32-bit processor that is capable of processing advanced contactless/contact applications.

UIC680 contactless payment terminal


The UIC680FGP, certified with contactless payment schemes, seamlessly integrates into a variety of environments.

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