Uniform Industrial Corp. renames as UIC Payworld Inc.

Payment systems and technologies provider Uniform Industrial Corp. (formerly referred to as UIC) today officially renames itself to UICPayworld Inc., according to the latest company issued press release. The new identity reflects the company’s bold vision and commitment towards innovation on payment security and applications in the future.

Originally founded in 1983, Uniform Industrial Corp. began with a focus on credit card reader design and manufacturing services. However, a recent strategic re-focus, based on the prediction that an influx of new innovations and shifts in landscapes in the payment applications and payment acceptances industry are set to appear over the horizon. UICPayworld Inc. sets out to engage such newly emerging opportunity by capitalizing on the development of the latest payment enablement technologies and the resulting paradigm shift of user behavior, UIC Payworld Inc. has realized the need to re-position itself starting with a new company name which better aligns with company’s new strategic direction and long term vision. During the renaming process, UIC has engaged its employees, clients, and various business partners to help UIC to identify its core values and competitive attributes as it stands today and how UIC can evolve and redefine its role and position in the future. In the end, UIC has been selected as a most suitable name that perfectly captured UIC’s spirit of striving for innovation value.

UIC’s President and Chief Executive Officer Mr. Attlee Lo has added “we saw the word “UIC” as a “new payment solution enabler”, something that is capable of taking on new meaning as to unlock payments limitless possibilities.” As Attlee explained, UIC aims to become the facilitator between emerging payments technologies and their adapting businesses through the developing of innovative hardware, software solutions and services. Moreover, UIC aims to fully utilize the new world of information security and cipher encryption technology as well as the popularization of cloud applications, thus positions itself at the leadership position and driving the process of innovation and value creation for the increasingly diversified payment industry ecosystem in the worldwide.

UIC has also launched its newly redesigned corporate website to deliver comprehensive and in-depth knowledge resources on all popular payment applications and UIC to better engage with all current and potential clients and business partners who will find UIC to be the technology and innovation hub for all types of payment application possibilities.

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