unattended payment

UIC Payworld and Payroc partner to provide industry leading payment experiences in the unattended payment market.

UIC Payworld has partnered with Payroc, a top unattended payments platform, to offer joint solutions for the unattended payments market. Additionally, the strategic partnership has enabled Payroc to extend its Level 3 EMV certification to integrated partners, including independent software vendors (ISVs), who utilize UIC Payworld’s suite of unattended payment terminals. Moreover, the partnership has strengthened Payroc’s extensive list of certified devices, now including UIC Payworld’s flagship Bezel 8.

unattended payment

Providing industry-leading payment experiences for ISVs in the unattended payment markets.

The partnership between Payroc and UIC Payworld is targeted at providing industry-leading payment experiences for ISVs in the unattended or self-service markets. Payroc’s SVP of Fintech Integrated Payments, Conn Byrne, expressed the company’s commitment to being the market-leading platform for unattended payments, saying that flexibility is key to their partners. The partnership has provided more unattended hardware options for ISVs using Payroc’s platform. 

Currently, UIC Payworld holds a significant position in the unattended payments industry, boasting an 85% market share in the EV charging sector and a strong presence in unattended parking, laundry, and car wash industries. Robert Wang, UIC Payworld’s VP of Sales, stated that their collaboration with Payroc will allow them to leverage Payroc’s platform and provide ISVs with comprehensive payment solutions from start to finish.

Payroc is a high-growth, multinational payments platform, merchant acquirer, and processing powerhouse. With over $80 billion in annual volume for more than 151,000 merchants, Payroc provides best-in-class sales enablement and merchant processing technology. This enables unified commerce, helping businesses grow faster by delivering proprietary, innovative, and full-service solutions, along with key card brand network payment sponsorship registrations.

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  2. Payroc continues to develop and advance their already powerful platform to be one of the leaders in the payment processing sector for the unattended arena. With UIC’s robust and certified readers and the ability to easily offer semi and full integration platforms, the partnership is able to grow and see growth in coverage for a complete solution.

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