UIC joins the Metaverse Standards Forum

UIC is pleased to announce that it has joined the ‘Metaverse Standards Forum,’ a newly opened governing venue fostering pragmatic, action-based projects and relevant standards. Founded in June 2022, the Metaverse Standards Forum is an association of leading technology companies and standard-developing organizations (SDOs) collaborating on interoperability standards across industries. The Forum aims to identify areas where interoperability challenges hinder metaverse deployment and coordinate and accelerate the work of SDOs defining and evolving necessary standards.

In envisioning the future of the metaverse, akin to the real world, UIC, with its extensive experience in the payment industry, anticipates a revolution in payment applications that builds an open metaverse promoting economic and business models based on Web 3.0 techniques—the next evolutionary stage of the Internet. Jackel Sheng, Chief Strategy Officer of UIC Payworld Inc., emphasizes, ‘From a user’s perspective, the development of industry standards is a key catalyst for new technological breakthroughs. The resulting increase in app utility also encourages consumers to immerse themselves in the digital world. As a global service company, UIC continues to plan various application developments to contribute to the continuously growing metaverse.

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