MIH alliance

UIC joined MIH Alliance and cooperated with partners to accelerate the cashless payment in EV industry supply chain

Due to the pandemic in the year 2020, the sales of the auto market have been affected to a certain extent, but the electric vehicles (EV) are growing against the trend. In addition, major automakers around the world have invested in EV development and many Governments of countries have advocated green energy and carbon reduction regulations, the electric vehicles and relate applications including ecosystem will be important and visible in near future.

In response to the electric vehicles used electric energy just like fuel energy, EV drivers will need to pay for power charge eventually. EV charging scenario should be similar to the user experience of gasoline refueling. This is foreseeable that power management and charging will be interrelated in the future. Integrating payment applications seamlessly into charging solution will be a significant part of it.

UIC observes the fact importance of payment in this ecosystem and expands the experiences into the electric vehicle-related applications, joins the electric vehicle platform, “MIH Alliance” established by Hon Hai. The initiate thought UIC is planning to offer the interoperability of open payments onto the vehicle-to-station such as card payment, mobile payment, cashless, and tokenization. With years of experience in card payment and long-term strategic cooperation with international CPOs in the United States and Europe, UIC is expected to follow international organizations to formulate relevant charging communication standards, such as ISO15118, promote payment integration technology and service, and strengthen the ecosystem of EV open platforms.

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