UIC forms partnership with ASTRA Taiwan

UIC Forms Strategic Partnership With ASTRA Taiwan to Extend Reach of Cashless Payment Services for Smart Vending Application

UIC, the leading cashless payment systems and solution provider, is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with ASTRA Taiwan, the leading vending operator, to synchronize cashless payment acceptance for smart vending and its application.

“UIC is excited to partner with ASTRA and its state-of-the-art vending systems, clearly the most advanced in unattended industry,” stated Jackel Sheng, Chief Strategy Officer of UIC. “We hope that through the long-term and complementary cooperation between the two parties, we can make sufficient penetration in the market with game changer and strengthen the application of unattended payment in the marketplace.”

“Although the COVID had caused many stores shutdown, but unattended applications and services have boosted during post pandemic.” Noted Mr. Yang, CEO of ASTRA. “We are very happy to have UIC as a payment partner, which supports us to have diversified payment methods in cashless payment applications in unattended solutions whatever vending, parking, and others. Through cooperation with UIC, we can fit it to a seamless payment experiences when facing consumers.”

ASTRA leveraged UIC’s advanced payment infrastructure, technical support, and development resources, which will enable ASTRA to accept multiple payment methods and local payment scheme for vending industry. ASTRA can persistently offer its customers seamless integration with a range of UIC’s advanced payment platform and solution.



Founded in 2016, it has a complete industrial design team, focusing on vending machine hardware, information engineering, managing data and cash collection management and control, and is committed to promoting the intelligent vending business and development of self-service stores and unattended industry. The company continues to develop and integrate more advanced and innovative smart vending machines, strengthen the best experience of seamless payment, and continuously enrich the future market of self-service marketplace in Taiwan.

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