PMT and UIC co-brand

Global Payment System Company UIC and Payment Solution Provider PMTsolutions AG Team Up To Expand The Cashless Services Into European Markets

UIC Payworld Inc. (“UIC”), the leading global provider of secure electronic payment systems, and PMTsolutions AG (“PMT”), a leading organization specializing in cashless payment solutions, have teamed up to offer the commerce-enabling technology and services to self-service and in-person vertical applications. The strategic partnership between UIC and PMT would join hands to further explore a variety of European payment markets.

PMT already has a presence in vending machines, parking ticket machines, car wash kiosks, photo booths, and EV charging stations, and will deploy its application-driven solutions to a variety of new segments across the different European regions. “Digital and physical interfaces are seamlessly merging and end-to-end payment solutions are a focal point for this seamless convergence. The stronger combined organization of PMT and UIC for more “eServices” empowers businesses to lead their digital transformation and gives customers more convenience and choice”, said Manfred Sokat, CEO of PMT. “We work and team up with UIC closely to build up the capabilities for global customer solutions, not only in Europe but also in North America. Operating with one to help customers compose their solution is best to meet their tenant’s need. We will now extend these benefits to every operator, system integrator, and merchant in European,” he added.

PMT offers various combinations for different payment solutions, such as VendingPay, ParkingPay, etc., for different vertical applications by highly integrating with UIC secured card reader devices. More alternative payment services will be added to the solution in the near future, to offer even greater flexibility to business operators.

“We are thrilled to partner with PMT,” said Jackel Sheng, Chief Strategy Officer of UIC. “This joint venture furthers our corporate mission to empower operators and system integrators with innovative and cost-effective technology that delivers value well beyond just payment acceptance. Through several years of indefatigable efforts and improvements, our products have become more reliable to cater to the target market segments of unattended payment, so as to make our collaboration with PMT more comprehensive and mature. With the integration of PMT’s leading services in interfacing to customers, we have strong confidence to enjoy remarkable achievements in the years to come.”



UIC Payworld Inc. (UIC) is an innovative global provider of electronic payment solutions, offering vertical-driven, cost-effective, and superior quality products. Since its inception in 1983, UIC reimagined the ubiquitous payment devices into connected and application-oriented cashless systems for banking, self-service operators, and retailers. Building on customer service experiences and excellent R&D capabilities with a worldwide network of sales and solution partners, UIC’s mission and vision are to provide comprehensive, affordable and reliable payment products in each region, ensuring that its offer is sufficient to meet the requirements of the customers’ vertical applications. UIC is listed on the Taiwan stock exchange. (TWSE: 2482)



PMTsolutions AG (PMT) is a leading turn-key solution provider for cashless services. The entire processing line of all services are in one hand, so that customers have just one partner for the whole cashless services chain – from card readers or mobile Apps over back-end services in data centers to various financial institutions like banks, VISA, MasterCard or American Express. To make cashless services transparent, PMT’s eFinance suite offers detailed transaction overviews, including cash flow and reconciliation data. In case a merchant service agreement is required, PMT covers this as well.

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