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unattended terminals

Self-service & Unattended Payment Applications

UIC’s self-service and unattended payment solutions help maximize transaction efficiency and increase business opportunities in ways and manners traditional attended retail solutions can not provide.

Payment Services

End-to-End solution comes out of one hand, one team is here to compose the solution that’s best to meet your tenant’s needs.

Merchant Services

From card reader to service including maintenance, support, and Merchant Service Agreement, we provide the full end-to-end solution to you.

Acquiring Intelligence

Engage vertical applications with the perks you want, our solution offers best-in-class engagements whatever product and business.

First-line support is provided close to the customer, by UIC’s local partners. Our partners also install local and proprietary applications to make tailor-made cashless payment solutions. UIC products are flexible and scalable, so they are just right for your business and your sector. If you are interested in our solution for a specific market, please contact our European loyal partner PMTsolutions AG.
parking lot
parking lot


In today’s parking industry, it’s vital for parking service operators provide ease of parking access, locational convenience and availability of secure cashless payment options as part of overall customer loyalty and retention strategy.

vending machines


Consumers prefer to pay with card over cash – it’s convenient, more hygienic and gives greater flexibility, when they purchase the goods from vending machines. We understand the various needs of multi-level vending application, and as such can provide a customized solution that suits any site configuration or terrain.

vending machines
EV charging station
EV charging station

EV Charging

Electric cars are on the rise, the demand for charging stations is too. EV charging payments are important for CPOs and service stations toward services everyone and everywhere. Creating consumer loyalty and increasing the value of customer transactions is key to maximizing the return on your asset, but that can be difficult if your payment equipment is not up to date.

car wash station

Car Wash

The self service market is now more than traditional kiosk such as DIY car wash and more. One way to achieve this is to make it easier for customers to pay. Today, there is no question – customers prefer to use cards over cash to make payments. It is always vital to the success of these services for operators to make these machines as convenient as possible to use for customers.

car wash station

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