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onboard service
onboard service

Onboard Service

All onboard purchases can be made with a personal credit/debit card or cruise/prepaid card, eliminating the need to carry cash or coin on board. After embarking and collecting your way from the cabin, you could enjoy all entertainment services including SPA, dining, and any amenities. UIC’s payment solution with intelligent connection to point-of-sales is just the right tool onboard operators need.

Table Service

One way for restaurants to improve both operational efficiency and service quality is to offer at-the-table ordering and payment at the table. Customers enjoys a shorter wait time before and after meal while restaurant operators enjoys a higher table turnover rate and overall revenue.

Food Truck

Food truck operators face a unique challenge of time and workflow management, therefore, these mobile food catering services needs a streamlined payment solution designed to process a vast number of transactions quickly to minimize queuing and maximize productivity, all of which much happen within a short time window, and this is where mobile cashless payment helps.

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