Cashless Payment In Self-service Car Wash Stations

Sales and profit enhancement for your operation


UIC’s waterproof and anti-tampering cashless payment solutions for self-service car wash payment kiosks provide a secure, cost effective and robust platform for to accept cashless payments from all popular open payment schemes including credit cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay etc. in environments such as unattended self-service car wash operations.

The most valuable benefits

Generate more traffic and sales revenue by offering the convenience of cashless payment acceptance while UIC’s software suites provide remote-access connectivity, monitoring and management functionality – you’ll be able to monitor and manage your business from anywhere – and anytime.

Carwash Pay

Card payment integration

- Secured and vandalism reader
- Open- and close-loop payment
- Mobile app and mobile payment
Carwash Pay

Card payment integration

- Secured and vandalism reader
- Open-and-close loop payment
- Mobile app and mobile payment

Data center

- Payment processing & service
- Online & Offline transaction
- Cashless configuration
- Card holder account management
- Customized service programs of close-loop payment
- SEPA payment services

Suitable Products



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Adapting your business to prevailing market trends

More and more customers prefer the convenience and security of cashless payment and car wash operators should take advantage to expand their business scope.

Drive car wash revenue

Cashless payment solutions opens up significant business revenue potential for car wash operators and UIC’s solution is the gateway to help car wash operators reaching cashless payment readiness.

Easy and quick installation

The novel design of UIC payment reader hardware allows easy installation or retrofitting onto any existing car wash payment kiosk and stand while requiring minimum amount of modifications..

Enable flexible cashless payments with UIC’s cashless solutions

No matter what you’re selling and how your customer is paying, UIC’s cashless payment solutions opens up your business to accept a variety of cashless payments schemes, expanding business possibilities wherever the transactions take place. UIC’s solutions fit to needs – not the other way around.

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