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EV Charging Station Payment System

Our EMV-ready payment processing solutions are available for seamless and simple customization to any specific needs you may have.

Secure, fast, and flexible payment solutions

The future of EV charging payment system is here now

With the continuously expanding demand for vehicle charging stations worldwide, we here at UIC have spent the last several years developing and perfecting our payment solutions for both closed and open-ended payment systems for this particular market, with an emphasis on seamless and simple customization utilizing our proprietary payment engine and cloud management systems.

EV charging station payment
EV charging payment system

We make payment integration simple, secure and straightforward

All we need to know is what you would like to accomplish with your payment solution. UIC’s team of experienced payment solution provider experts have been performing the certification process and custom applications in the industry for over three decades. With this type of experience, we can build either a semi integrated or fully integrated application for your requirements efficiently and quickly, saving your own resources to handle what your daily needs may require.

Accept payments on the go, anywhere and anytime

Let UIC do all the heavy lifting for you. Contact one of our EV Charging Payment Systems experts for more information on how we can make your payment requirements a seamless and efficient experience. 

UIC’s Complete Payment Solutions

In the ever changing landscape of the POS and payment world, we have recognized that we can best support our partners by offering a “Complete Payment Solution”. This is done by combining all of our years of experience with hardware, software, and certification experiences to offer a one-stop shop for all of your POS and Payment requirements.

UIC Cloud Service

Cloud to cloud communications, customizable dashboards with real time transaction reporting and feature rich options that can be added or removed as needed. ​

PoT Payment Engine

With PoT (Payment of Things), UIC has taken on the certification burden for you. Current certified processor partners are Firstdata, TSYS, Worldpay, and Heartland with a host of others in the pipeline.

Common EMV L2 Kernel

UIC utilizes a common EMV L2 kernel for all of our payment devices. This allows for a complete and seamless integration platform for your integration requirements.

Full & Semi-Integration

UIC offers either fully integrated or semi integrated services. We can work with you on your technical requirements to create the solution that you need to service your partners and merchants.

Featured Products of EV Charging Station Payment System

We are proud to offer the UIC680 and the Bezel series, currently used in a host of unattended payment markets.

These hardware solutions offer built in MSR, EMV, and contactless payment options mated to our L3 and PCI certified payment engine that directly processes payment transactions through Firstdata, TSYS, Heartland, Worldpay, and a host of other processors. As always, optional cloud services and management are also available for customization to your requirements.

UIC 680FG contactless payment device


Ideal for unattended payment systems and self-serve pay stations
Bezel-8 contactless payment device


3 in 1 Advanced Contact/Contactless Unattended Device

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