Wearables May Well Be the Answer To Consumers’ Contactless Payments Woes

Wearables May Well Be the Answer To Consumers’ Contactless Payments Woes

Wearables like smartwatches have taken the world by storm with their advanced and easy-to-use technology. Up until a few years ago, it might’ve been unthinkable to believe that our cell phones could possibly be replaced by a mere watch, yet we are coming nearer to this reality. It was found that nearly a quarter of American adults (56.7 million) will make use of a wearable device for multiple purposes at least once a month in 2019 alone. Moreover, half of these people will use a smartwatch. On the other hand, 3.8 million American children and adolescents will purchase a wearable device—making them the largest group of wearable users.

So how are wearables the answer to consumers’ contactless payment woes?

Accepting Mobile Pay

Consumers appreciate being able to wave their wrists to pay for items. Whether or not a store accepts contactless payments can influence their store choices. Not only do wearables make for a seamless checkout for consumers, they also tend to do it quicker and don’t have to go through the hassle of digging through their bags in search of their wallets. People nowadays prefer contactless payment methods, and it was found that around 30 percent of US adults made zero cash purchases during a typical week. Wearable devices also provide timely and relevant messages to customers and connect with them directly.


Entertain with games

Contactless Payment watch

Brands can choose to mix up customer’s shopping journey by adding mobile app games. When a customer waits in line, brands can entertain them with an exciting game in exchange for a discount on their items during checkout, or other such promotional offers. A wearable device like a smartwatch is perfect for this as it is worn on the wrist and is available to customers at any point. If the content on their wearable device connects them directly to the online store, the retailer can convert the customer on the spot. Moreover, wearables can also offer apps that can help users find suitable gifts for every occasion, significantly reducing their contactless payment woes and improving their checkout experience.

Security factors

Customers value their safety and privacy the most when making monetary transactions. When it comes to wearable technology, it is important to let customers know their personal data is safeguarded, and that you meet their needs for data protection. When wearables win this trust, not only do they establish lasting relationships with customers, but it makes them carry out their contactless payment transactions without worry.

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