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Unattended Payment Solutions: Self-Service

UIC has been the “go to” solution provider for unattended payment solutions for decades, utilizing our Bezel 8, and UIC680FG terminals and the likes for seamless, secure, and reliable payment transactions in either closed-loop or open-ended environments.

The traditional market segments that UIC services were predominantly in the Vending, Hospitality, Electrical Vehicle Charging, Laundry, and Transportation Self-Ticketing markets.


Transformation Of Unattended Payments Environment

We have noticed a shift in the payment environment over the last 2 years since the pandemic to unattended payment systems requirements that now encompass Retail, QSR, and Dining venues being used in addition to the traditional countertop payments in the past.

unattended payment terminal - Bezel8-S

Unattended Payment Solutions: MDB Device And UIC System


Unattended Payment Solutions: MDB Device and UIC system

Our complete solution combines MSR/EMV/NFC card reading technologies, with our optional MDB interface devices and UIC cloud management systems. This complete and customizable solution allows for the ability to track transactions, configure devices, and manage merchant credentials remotely, which is crucial in today’s challenging and ever-changing unattended environments.

Combining the above customization options with our L3 certifications with most of the major processors including Fiserv, WorldPay, Heartland, TSYS, and Global Payments, UIC adds the advantages of our semi or fully integrated devices and solutions for your unattended payment needs.

Come see why the major players in vending, laundry, retail, QSR, and self-service kiosks have all chosen UIC as their cashless payment solution provider.


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