Steps to Making Secure Mobile Payments

Smartphones are a relatively new entry into the tech community. When compared with laptops and home computers, they’ve only been around for a couple of years. This is also the reason why the payment system is not as secure as compared to the PC. Though it must be stated that the online security system in regard to mobile transactions is advancing at a tremendous rate, it still has a long way to go

With that being said, here are a few steps that can help secure your mobile payments.

Send data only through a secure internet connection

The value of a secure connection cannot be overstated. Whenever you’re transferring money online or purchasing things, an open and unsecured connection can compromise your security. An easy way for anyone to get your password is by accessing your IP on a public network. Although mobile hotspots are not a gathering place for identity thieves or hackers, sharing your personal information over a public connection is never a good idea.


Download Apps from reliable sources

This one is quite obvious. Downloading third-party apps from sources outside the App store is simply not a smart decision. No matter the rising popularity, no store has the same credibility like Google or Apple. This proves much easier with iOS devices as they are mostly locked to the App Store. Also, most programs on the App Store are less buggy and more secure to download.

Check the Ratings and Reviews

Although it’s rare, you might come across apps created by third-party developers who are yet to be affiliated. An easy way to determine whether an app is trustworthy is to check the ratings and reviews. The reviews give you feedback and help determine the quality of the App.

Protect your devices with passwords


There is a sizeable chunk of people who don’t use passwords on their phones simply because they find it cumbersome to always enter a passcode while unlocking their phones. If you are moving around often or travelling, there’s a high possibility that you may forget your phone somewhere. This can prove to be disastrous if your phone has direct access to your online shopping carts and bank accounts. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

There have been a lot of advancements in online mobile payments in the last few years, yet few of them come close to offering the level of security as an EMV contactless reader for mobiles. Contact us now and ensure your mobile payments are conducted in the most secure and safe manner.

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