Point of Sale (POS) Going Mobile

POS Going Mobile

The long queue of customers, waiting at the checkout terminal is neither convenient for you nor for your customers.

And what about them, who you visit door to door? How do you facilitate cashless payments, when you are out and about selling your product to outdoor customers?

Accepting card payments in such cases, can sometimes be problematic for merchants and inconvenient for customers. The standard POS modules either come in countertop configurations, or the ones that are wireless, don’t provide you with enough range.

As such, there is every chance that you may fail to capitalize on the cash flow maximizing opportunities.

Only if there was an easier way to accept card payments.

There is. Thanks to the technological developments in the payment industry, business owners can now turn their smartphones or tablets into a point of sale terminal. This technology is known as mPOS or Mobile Point of Sale.

What is mPOS?

mPOS is a type of POS system, in which you can accept card payments through your smart phone or tablet. Whether it is cards with EMV chip or traditional plastic cards, mPOS provides on-the-go cashless payment solution for all types of credit cards, helping to improve customer experience and allowing you to maximize your cash flow.

How It Works?

A complete mPOS system comprises a hand-held card processing device, mPOS app and your smartphone or tablet. The card reader can be connected to your mobile device either through the audio jack or via Bluetooth, depending on the vendor technology.

Whenever you want to make a transaction, you just have to enter the amount on your mobile device, using the app. The customer will then insert the card into the card reader, or tap it, for the transaction to proceed. Once the validation process is complete, the card reader module will encrypt the information and send it over to your mobile device, which can then be forwarded to the bank.

What About the Receipt?

A mPOS system, allows your customers to receive the receipt of transaction either through SMS, email, in the printed form or handwritten – whichever solution is convenient for them.

Benefits of mPOS

The benefits of mPOS technology are as follows:

  • Ideal for small businesses, that want a simple-to-use and affordable POS system.
  • On-the-go payment processing convenience improves customer experience, while also helping to maximize cash flow.
  • Does not need much storage space in comparison to a traditional countertop POS system.
  • Easy to maintain, which reduces a business’s overhead expenses.

Do you want a mPOS system for your business? UIC have the solution for you. Our mPOS system is capable of serving as an EMV payment terminal as well as a processing solution for EMV magnetic stripe reader. Easy and secure to use, you can now go mobile with your POS and capitalize on every revenue generating opportunity, while keeping your customers happy and satisfied.

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