payment solution for EV charging via OCPP

Universal Open Payment Solution for EV Charging Stations via OCPP

OCPP stands for Open Charge Point Protocol. It is a communication protocol used in the electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure to enable communication between charging stations and central management systems. OCPP is an open and universal standard, allowing different manufacturers of charging stations and central management systems to communicate with each other seamlessly.


Pain Points and Solutions in the Integration of Payment with Charging Station

Charging stations are required to be certified by a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory before being installed anywhere in the US. Any modification to a certified charging station that compromises the integrity of the unit may pose a hazard and necessitate re-certification. This occurs when customers physically integrate a payment device into a charging station. In addition to the required labor, this process is time-consuming and costly.

Bezel 8, UIC’s contactless payment device, offers a solution to this problem. UIC’s Bezel 8 connects to a charging equipment through standard ethernet interface and communicates with charging stations using OCPP as a universal integration standard. It can be easily integrated into any charging system using OCPP without requiring any physical alterations to a charging station.

Benefits of UIC’s Payment Solution for EV Charging Stations

UIC’s payment solution for EV charging stations includes contactless payment terminals and a cloud management system. It can be easily integrated into any EV charging network using OCPP — no destructive re-work nor additional certification is required. In addition to easy installation, quick deployment, and cost-effectiveness, UIC’s payment cloud provides real-time transaction records and post-transaction services. Customers can monitor charging station status, energy usage, and transaction records in a single stop. It enhances the charging experience for all customers.

UIC's payment solution for EV charging

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  1. Integrating open payments into the EV charging stations has always and continues to be a challenge in the industry. All of the different types of certifications and communications protocols required makes integration a very expensive and time consuming endeavor that usually takes over 1 year to complete. UIC’s Bezel 8S will reduce the integration time in half by being the first in the industry to offer integration with OCPP protocols and able to display charging (metered) information on the reader’s screen itself.

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