NFC Technology and The Hotel Industry: What You Need To Know

Frequent travelers might have noticed that majority of the hotels overact across the world use cards with magnetic strips as keys. A major reason for this is that these cards are easy to issue and don’t cost a lot.

However, they have certain disadvantages as well. For starters, they are not very easy to use. Furthermore, in case the strip wears down, the card might stop working. As a result, the guest might get locked out of their room.

We can all agree that as a hotel owner, the last thing you’d want is a guest who is unhappy with your services. This is why we suggest that you switch to near field communication technology.

NFC Technology


NFC refers to modern day technology, which allows the transmission of data between mobile devices that are in close proximity to each other. The technology is relatively new but it has proven to be an effective option for making transactions and exchanging content.

Despite the fact that there is no stream of data, NFC technology is still considered faster and an easier method for sharing information because there is direct, physical interaction between devices.

Now that you have a better idea about what NFC technology is, let’s take a look at some of the benefits of using it in the hotel industry:

Replacement for Keys

By using NFC technology, hotel owners can transmit the keys to the guest’s mobile phones. This eliminates the need for keys. Furthermore, it’s also a more secure method since it eliminates fear of misplacing or losing the key.

It Helps Make Payments Easy

In order to better understand this, let’s consider the example of supermarkets; once you have collected all the items you need, you have to wait in a long line to pay the bills.

Needless to say, this can cause quite a lot of hassle. However, with NFC technology this is not a problem. You just need to place your phone over the terminal and the payment will be made right there and then.

Hotel owners can offer similar services to their guests by allowing them to pay for food and other services using NFC technology.

Connection to Internet

NFC technology allows the users to directly access the internet. This eliminates the need for guests to remember passwords. All they need to do is place their phone near NFC tag and it will automatically connect with the internet.

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