UIC and Payroc Partner to Provide Industry Leading Payment experiences in the unattended and self-service markets

UICPayworld and Payroc Partner to Provide Industry Leading Payment Experiences in the Unattended Payment Market. UICPayworld has partnered with Payroc, a top unattended payments platform, to offer joint solutions for the unattended payments market. Additionally, the strategic partnership has enabled Payroc to extend its Level 3 EMV certification to integrated partners, including independent software vendors […]

Contactless Credit Card Security & Risk That You Must Know

contactless credit card security and risk that you must know

Contactless Credit Card Security & Risk That You Must Know In general, contactless credit cards have been in use worldwide for quite some time now, and because of Covid, the touchless payment system has become more popular than ever. As with EMV and other payment technologies, the US market has been slower to adapt than […]

EV Charging Payment Methods

EV Charging Payment Methods EV charging payment methods of transportation have and always will be evolving, but the push for electrical and alternative-fueled vehicles in the last 5 years has been unlike anything the world has seen. In the last year alone, most of the major vehicle manufacturers in the world have committed to transitioning […]

What are EMV Payment Systems?

EMV payment system

What are EMV payment systems? EMV Solutions Incredible customer service is the cornerstone of success in every service sector, whether retail or banking. The key is to provide services as efficiently as possible and consistently meet customer expectations. The Growing of Self-Service Industry This is where technology comes in. Businesses today are constantly working on […]

Unattended Payment Solutions

unattended payments of vending machine

Unattended Payment Solutions: Self-Service UIC has been the “go to” solution provider for unattended payment solutions for decades, utilizing our Bezel 8, and UIC680FG terminals and the likes for seamless, secure, and reliable payment transactions in either closed-loop or open-ended environments. UIC’s Unattended Payment Terminals The traditional market segments that UIC services were predominantly in […]