4 Ways To Prevent Contactless Payment Frauds

The evolution of the payment systems from cash registers to e-wallets has made payment methods considerably easier. More than 40% of Visa payments are made by just a tap of a card.  The demand for contactless payment methods is on the rise and merchants, as well as customers, are switching to these options for convenience. However, in the midst of all the ease, security is often at risk of being compromised. (more…)

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4 Proven Ways to Increase Your Restaurant’s Profitability

Running a successful restaurant isn’t easy. The competition is tough with almost 1 million restaurants in the United States. Everyone’s trying hard to make a name. To grow and expand your eatery, making a significant amount of profit is imperative; however, the high cost of resources can turn this into a challenge. With an increase in food and labor cost, there isn’t much left to invest in your restaurant for future development. (more…)

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