Cashier-less Checkout: Can It Improve The Customer’s Shopping Experience?

Cashier-less Checkout: Can It Improve The Customer’s Shopping Experience?

It may seem a little harsh to say this—but human processes are always slower than automated ones and a program always does a better job than a human. Cashier-based transaction processes are slow, prone to errors and require customers to wait longer to complete their purchases. The internet of things and automation enable retail service providers to eliminate these inefficiencies in the form of self-service checkout systems.

The question on everyone’s mind is whether or not cashier-less checkouts actually improve the customer’s shopping experience. Well, research surveys indicate that 76% of all consumers would rather use self checkouts than stand in line waiting for the cashier to process their purchases. When McDonald’s introduced self-service kiosks installed with self-checkout capabilities, their global sales rose by $2.7 billion around the world.

With this evidence, we can safely say that there’s definitely something about cashier-less checkouts that make people spend more money at your outlets. So how does a cashier-less checkout improve the customer’s shopping experience?

Customer’s Expectations of Waiting Times

Research indicates that the average customer overestimates the time they’ll have to spend waiting for their checkouts. At this moment, you as a retail store owner aren’t competing against inefficiencies in your cashiers—you’re actually up against your customer’s expectations of how much time it takes to checkout with their purchases. Self checkouts eliminate this problem entirely by giving the customer greater control over the time it takes to check out—they can’t blame you for longer waits if they’re checking themselves out.

Self-Checkout Is Actually Faster

There are holdups because the cashier messed up and there’s a reasonable amount of time it takes to process the customer’s purchase. While it’s worthwhile to cut out the number of errors made during the check out, what if you could hire someone or something that is faster at processing a customer’s purchase, faster than even your fastest cashier? That’s self-checkout technology for you.

The Consumer Wants Self-Checkout

With Apple rolling out the Apple Pay and Amazon with their Amazon Pay, people are slowly realizing that they could potentially buy things in smaller periods. As a greater number of retailers begin to adopt cashier-less checkouts, your customers also need you to catch on and invest in self-checkout technology. Adopting these new technology trends helps set you apart as a service provider who cares for the demands of their customers.

With the efficiency improvements of cashier-less checkouts and the gratitude of your customers at having listened to their demands, you’re definitely going to make a lot of money.

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