Benefits of Tableside Restaurant Payment Processing

Benefits of Tableside Restaurant Payment Processing

From cash counters to EMV chips, the restaurant payment industry has evolved a lot over time. Restaurant owners and managers are introducing new technologies to facilitate their customers in the best way possible. And one of these technologies is tableside payment processing.

According to the National Restaurant Association survey, server handheld tablets improved the dining experience of 61% of the guests at a restaurant. This indicates that tableside payment technology is being widely accepted and appreciated by the general public.

Have a look at some amazing benefits of incorporating this payment solution at your eatery.

Adds Convenience:


Waiting for the bill is extremely irritating for customers. It can spoil the entire dining experience, no matter how scrumptious the meal was. To ensure positive feedback, a pay-at-the-table method is the most effective way to collect payments.

Tableside payments make it convenient for customers to split the bill and pay individually. It also offers multiple payment options, such as payment via credit card, debit card, prepaid card or an EMV chip card.

Enables Quick Checkout:

Traditionally, servers would bring a check to the customer’s table at the end of the meal. Once the customer made the payment, the server came back to collect the cash. In case of a card, the server would take it back to the counter and bring the receipt and card back again. This would take up a lot of time and be frustrating for both parties.

On the other hand, pay-at-the-table offers fast payment and quick checkouts. This saves servers from back and forth trips to the payment counter. It’s not only helpful for the restaurant management but also convenient for those waiting for a table.

Better Tips:

There’s no doubt that tableside payment is a lot faster than the traditional setup; it improves customer experience. But did you know it can affect a server’s tip too? Research shows that a convenient payment method instantly increases the customer’s willingness to spend more. This helps your servers get a higher tip than through the regular methods of payment.

On the contrary, frustrated customers are less likely to spend extra money at a restaurant.

Secure Billing:


Another great reason to introduce tableside billing is added security. Most tableside technologies are certified by PCI and offer safe and secure transactions. They are also EMV compliant, which makes them capable of accepting a variety of payment cards and contactless means of payment. Using the pay-at-the-table method, your customers can control their payments themselves, allowing them to feel safer.

Therefore, if you’re planning to make the most of your payment system, invest in secure payment solutions. Contact UIC to get the best payment system solutions for your restaurant. Call us today at +510-438-6799 for details.

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