Moving with the Times—Why Banks are Incorporating EMV Chips in Credit and Debit Cards

Financial fraud is a growing concern in the modern commercial market. One of the most common targets of financial fraud is theft through credit and debit cards which use magnetic strips to record the customer’s account details. The latest figures tell us that nearly $27.85 billion were lost to credit/debit card theft and these numbers are projected to reach $35.67 billion in the next five years. (more…)

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Cashier-less Checkout: Can It Improve The Customer’s Shopping Experience?

It may seem a little harsh to say this—but human processes are always slower than automated ones and a program always does a better job than a human. Cashier-based transaction processes are slow, prone to errors and require customers to wait longer to complete their purchases. The internet of things and automation enable retail service providers to eliminate these inefficiencies in the form of self-service checkout systems. (more…)

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