apple and square compete

Apple and Square will eventually compete in the small and medium-sized business sector

A competition between Apple and Square

Deep exploration into Square reveals it has emerged a significant player in the merchant services industry, particularly providing a comprehensive range of solutions for small and micro-sized stores, including POS devices, software applications, and payment processing. While Apple Pay is gaining popularity among iPhone users and consumers, and seeing increased adoption in various retail and food service industries, it does not directly provide a total solution for stores like Square does.


Apple’s competitive strategies

Apple is striving to expand its influence in the payment and retail sectors through initiatives like Apple Pay, Apple Wallet, and Apple Business Chat. These services allow users to make payments, store digital tickets, and communicate with businesses within the Apple ecosystem. To directly compete with Square, Apple may leverage its existing user base and ecosystem to attract merchants and potentially adopt some strategies:

  1. Integration: Apple may seek to deepen the integration between its existing products and services. For example, it could seamlessly combine Apple Pay and Apple Wallet with its retail and food service application software, providing consumers and merchants with a convenient and consistent experience.

  2. Incentives: Apple could introduce various incentives to encourage merchants to adopt its software application services. This might include offering competitive transaction prices, providing special offers or discounts, or bundling the application with other Apple services to make it an attractive choice for businesses.

  3. In-Depth Analytics: Apple might focus on providing powerful analytics and insights for merchants, enabling them to obtain valuable data about customers and improve their operations. By leveraging its expertise in user data and analytics, Apple can offer unique features that differentiate its application from Square.

  4. Developer Support: Apple may emphasize developer support and create a new platform to encourage third-party developers to build innovative solutions on top of its retail and food service application software. By cultivating a developer ecosystem, Apple can expand the capabilities and functionality of its platform, attracting businesses seeking tailored solutions.

  5. Brand Awareness: Apple’s strong brand recognition and loyal customer base could give it an advantage in competition with Square. If Apple effectively communicates the advantages of its retail and food service application to merchants and leverages its brand appeal, it could attract a significant user base.


It’s worth noting that the applications in the POS and payment sector are continuously evolving. Enterprises always adapt their products and strategies over time. How Apple enters the small and micro-sized merchant market will depend on its assessment of market opportunities, competition, and its own business objectives. In the near future, by utilizing its ecosystem to create a compelling package that integrates hardware, software, and payment solutions, Apple may choose to expand its services and engage in competition with Square or other payment service providers more directly.

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