3 Ways to Speed Up the Retail Checkout Process

3 Ways to Speed Up the Retail Checkout Process

Shopping in a retail store can be a great experience until you have to suffer through the ordeal of a time-consuming checkout procedure. Ancient point-of-sale systems not only slow down the sales, but it can also affect the performance of a business.

The retail industry has evolved drastically over the past decade. Global retail sales are expected to reach 28 trillion U.S. dollars by 2020. From brick-and-mortar to e-commerce sales, the market has come a long way in making it quick and easy for customers to interact with brands.

If your retail shop is still struggling to speed up the checkout process, here are some tips to help you out.

Introduce Multiple POS Terminals:

According to research, an average customer waits more than half an hour each day in long queues, which leaves them severely irritated. The poor customer experience has a direct impact on your sales.

If the queue at your retail shop is often too long and you own a single POS terminal, invest in multiple checkout terminals to facilitate your customers. You can also switch to an advance and quick POS system as opposed to an old cash register. This will help you manage the traffic at your retail shop effectively.

Enable Contactless Payments:

Contactless Payments

Queues put everyone off and a great way to avoid them is by going cashless. This involves a contactless payment system. Such payment systems are faster than conventional payment methods. According to American express, contactless payment is 63% faster than using cash.

Therefore, introducing this technology will instantly speed up your payment process. It uses a wireless, which reduces the checkout time significantly. This method is secure and protects the valuable information of a business and its clients.

Consider Mobile-Based Checkout:


A mobile-based payment system simplifies the checkout process by helping customers to store, send and receive money using their smartphones.

All you need is to integrate a system with your current POS terminal and you’re good to go. The customers will download your app and pay through an e-wallet, eliminating the need for a cash register or bills.

To sum it up, the checkout procedure at your retail store should be fast, user-friendly and efficient. To meet the needs of your customers and reduce waiting time in long queues, get in touch with UIC. Our unattended payment systems aren’t only fast but also guarantee security.

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