3 Things to Keep In Mind While Installing Unattended POS System

3 Things to Keep In Mind While Installing Unattended POS System

Unattended POS terminals are useful and effective because you don’t have to maintain a register or employ a person who would log in data. They’ve made lives easy at toll gates, drive-thrus, and parking entrances and exits.

According to a study conducted in 2019, the demand for unattended interactive kiosks for payment options has increased to $9.22 billion within just a year. Over the past year, every business that installed an unattended POS system reported soaring returns on investment.

With McDonald’s announcing that self-order kiosks would be installed in over 1,000 stores and Subway bringing a ‘Fresh Forward’ design with interactive kiosks, the customer experience has transformed at these eateries.

But Are Businesses only Doing it because it’s Trendy?


While keeping up with the latest technology is a sure way to maintain a consumer pool, when it comes to installing unattended POS systems, companies aren’t doing it because it’s cool. These POS systems are reliable, convenient, and efficient. They’ve revolutionized how customers experience waiting lines at eateries or toll gates—because they rarely have to wait now.

With contactless and unattended payment options, you just have to tap and go. It’s that simple.

Today, we’re looking at the things that businesses need to keep in mind while installing unattended payment solutions and terminals:

Upgrade to EMV:

With the EMV (Europay, MasterCard and Visa) liability shift, the insurer of the card (the bank or the card union) is not going to take responsibility if credit card fraud takes place. The EMV revolution is a major step forward in security, reducing the risk of credit card fraud.

While installing an unattended POS system, companies need to upgrade the system so it accepts EMV cards. Moreover, EMV cards are being used internationally.

Incorporate NFC:

Customers are increasingly adopting the near field technology (NFC) with mobile payment solutions. This increases the pressure on unattended POS systems to be compatible with NFC.

This technology is expected to bring about a behavioral change in consumers which will increase the usage of smartphones to pay for products and services. By integrating your unattended payment solution with NFC, your business can easily cope with consumers’ demands and needs.

Update it Timely:

Kiosks, vending machines, and all other interactive unattended payment solutions have software which enables the POS system. Like every other software, these need timely updates with updated security and operational features to work in an effective and efficient manner.

If your unattended POS system does not work properly, it may lead to customers not visiting your store again—which is a huge loss for your business.

If you’re a business owner in China—or the US— it is wise of you to install unattended payment solutions for your company.

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