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3 Signs You Need to Upgrade Your Payment Terminal

Even if you have the friendliest and nicest people at your checkout counter, customers will leave unsatisfied if your payment terminal is subpar. Your payment terminal is a major part of the customer’s payment experience.

‘Payment’ is the last step customers perform in your store, so you need to improve their payment experience to leave a good final impression. To enhance their payment experience, you need to make sure your payment terminal isn’t bogging down the payment process. Here are some signs that you need to upgrade your payment terminal.


Slow Terminals

Patience may be a virtue, but the world is far from flush with it. A slow terminal doesn’t just mean that a single customer has to wait and awkwardly twiddle their thumbs while the terminal processes their card. Every customer is going to face this, so the entire line is going to have to wait around.

The further down the line a person is, the longer they’ll have to wait. Even if you’re banking on a surfeit of patience, at least one customer (an idyllic situation) is going to be annoyed and reconsider visiting your store. If your terminal is operating sluggishly, it’s time to upgrade it.


Not Secure

Not only will a lack of security put off customers, but it may also land you and the business in legal trouble.

When customers give you their credit cards to process, they trust you and everyone in the payment process with their account details.

Given the sensitivity of that information, saying the customer will be angry if their details are stolen is an understatement. Moreover, that breach will become mass paranoia regarding your business.

If your payment terminal isn’t EMV-compliant, PCI-compliant, and end-to-end encrypted, you need to upgrade it.


Limited Payment Methods

While cash and credit cards are popular payment methods, they aren’t the only payment methods. In fact, given the growing convenience of mobile wallets, payment media like Apple Pay or Samsung Pay are growing in prevalence. While customers will probably have cash or credit cards handy, their payment experience will improve if they can pay how they prefer. If your payment terminals only accept credit cards, it’s time to upgrade them to incorporate other payment methods.


Archaic payment terminals are probably harming your customers’ payment experiences and your business. To upgrade your payment terminals to more advanced payment terminals, get in touch with us, at UIC. We offer an assortment of secure payment software and hardware, such as mobile payment devices. Get in touch to outfit your operations with secure payment processing solutions.

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