Offer Every Customer the VIP Treatment

Fast and convenient payments for your patrons, right at the table

UIC’s payment tablet solution are specifically tailored to the need of restaurant operators. Customers and place and confirm orders by using the touch screen panel immediately sends the order to the kitchen for queuing without delay and possibility of a mistake.

Benefits of offering ordering and payment services at the table

Customers and also enjoy the convenience of paying without leaving their seat and the feeling of security when their payment cards always stay within their sight.

Improving efficiency

UIC’s mobile cashless payment solution is effective at reducing waiting time, improve efficiency and also positively enhance customer experience.

Maximize space utilization

UIC’s slick payment tablet solution offers benefit of space efficiency and mobility flexibility over a traditional stationary POS system.

Increased revenue

Increased operational efficiency and convenience brings increased table turnover rate and thus, revenue.

Enable flexible cashless payments with UIC’s cashless solutions

No matter what you’re selling and how your customer is paying, UIC’s cashless payment solutions opens up your business to accept a variety of cashless payments schemes, expanding business possibilities wherever the transactions take place. UIC’s solutions fit to needs – not the other way around.

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