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Street side and single-space parking meter systems face unique challenges when implementing cashless solutions. A compact, robust, abuse/tamper-proof and under extreme outdoor environments are required. Therefore the corresponding cashless solution needs to match these qualities while also offer first-tier data and transaction security and protection.

UIC's Parking Payment Solutions



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Our solutions provide a platform not only to help you remain price-competitive, but also to create, manage to efficient service and any other incentive program. We’ll guide you through the EMV journey and show you how we can transform the parking experience of the people who matter most to you and your customers.

Integrate on-street and off-street

Delivering the perfect integration of on-street and off-street cashless parking payments while creating an overall seamless user experience and convenience.

Fast and efficient implementation

Each car park or parking location is set up with its own exclusive identified application, our service with partners ensures all relevant implements are correct and sufficient for each parking operator.

Unified parking ecosystems

We provide flawless integration with cashless payment technologies to retrofit into existing parking meters and of course remain cost effective to benefit the business operation.

Enable flexible cashless payments with UIC’s cashless solutions

No matter what you’re selling and how your customer is paying, UIC’s cashless payment solutions opens up your business to accept a variety of cashless payments schemes, expanding business possibilities wherever the transactions take place. UIC’s solutions fit to needs – not the other way around.

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