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An all-aspect payment integration in omnichannel business models provides customers simultaneous online, in-store and mobile-on-the-go platforms to perform purchases and transactions. A successful Omnichannel transformation of a traditional brick-and-mortar store would provide customers the 24/7 accessibility to make purchase of your products and services virtually at any time and from anywhere.

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The emerging Intelligent HORECO sector requires more than a traditional POS solution, in addition, it needs eCommerce solutions to expand their service scope and improve customer purchase experience and satisfaction. A peace of mind of having a comprehensive and reliable business eCommerce platform working around the clock to sustain your business.

L3 and PCI certified payment engine

Frictionless Integration Experience

UIC being a payment and fintech integration expert, is experienced and professional in helping our clients to make the smooth Omnichannel transition while minimizing potential frustration and business interruption typically associated with a problematic integration. Our solutions and services are specifically developed and field-tested to ensure they meet the highest standards. Besides, UIC is constantly updating and refining our solutions to include the most up-to-date business and payment security tools and features into our solutions and services to ensure that our clients remain at the leading edge of their respective competitive business market.

L3 and PCI certified payment engine

Next Level Point-of-sale terminals

The Point of Sale has evolved in recent years, moving from traditional MSR transaction to the era of EMV, and more recently, EMV Contactless. UIC provides a wide range of EMV and PCI-certified solutions designed for both attended or unattended business applications for all your business needs.

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