The Game Changer Powered by Cashless Payment

Grow and enhance your EV charging business with smart payment solutions


EV are on the rise, the demand for public charging stations is too, and the adaptation of EMV cashless EV charging payments are important for CPOs and e-Mobility service stations to offer convenient and frictionless charging experience, and to retain customer loyalty by maximizing service quality and satisfaction.

The future of mobility, always conveniency



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UIC, a pioneer in the e-Mobility charging service payment solution since 2011, has developed an easy-to-integrate payment solution designed for world’s e-Mobility charging networks, enabling the acceptance of ubiquitous and universally-accepted credit cards and debit cards from VISA, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Apple Pay and Google Pay and more.

Reliable and rugged

Hardware with a small form factor and robust design specifically developed to meet extraordinary charging system demands.

Contactless only

Via a simple tap & go, UIC has created a reliable and secure payment solution while offering customers a satisfying experience.

Fully integrated

UIC’s cashless payment solutions can be easily integrated with any back-end systems, and providing operators with valuable information for operational analysis and expand business service scope.

Enable flexible cashless payments with UIC’s cashless solutions

No matter what you’re selling and how your customer is paying, UIC’s cashless payment solutions opens up your business to accept a variety of cashless payments schemes, expanding business possibilities wherever the transactions take place. UIC’s solutions fit to needs – not the other way around.

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