Experience the Benefits of UIC’s Seamless Integration

Secure and easy payments at the point of service for your mobility

The global pandemic has reshaped landscapes of retail and service industries worldwide and the need for many to maintain social distancing has fueled a strong growth for the need of a compact, mobile contactless payment terminals capable of providing cashless and contactless payment acceptance to those on the go.

Grow your business with delivery payment service

UIC’s mobile smart terminal are specifically designed to fulfill the need of accepting payment while on the go. A battery-powered smart terminal with fully integrated receipt printer and built-in mobile communication capability to enable business transactions wherever the business activity takes place.

Touch-free and fast transactions

Going cashless means an increased speed of of transaction and an overall more efficient and streamlined service experience.

Health risk reduction

Going cashless minimizes the exposure and risk of coming into contact with potentially contaminated objects such as cash notes and coins.

Crime avoidance

The use of cashless payment reduces the overall risk of becoming victimized as the delivery personnel does not need to carry significant amount of cash.

Enable flexible cashless payments with UIC’s cashless solutions

No matter what you’re selling and how your customer is paying, UIC’s cashless payment solutions opens up your business to accept a variety of cashless payments schemes, expanding business possibilities wherever the transactions take place. UIC’s solutions fit to needs – not the other way around.

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