About UIC

The Vision of UIC

UIC aspires to be a leading company in the digitalized world of the future, injecting new vitality into the traditional card reader industry with outstanding innovation and advanced technology. We strive to constantly surpass ourselves, committed to delivering more digital value and providing customers with comprehensive digital payment solutions. 

Our Mission

To achieve this vision, our mission is to continuously drive technological innovation, challenge tradition, and meet customer needs with exceptional quality and service. We are dedicated to establishing a reliable, secure, and convenient digital payment ecosystem, delivering an unparalleled payment experience for both customers and consumers.

Core Values

Our core values are innovation, excellence, collaboration, and responsibility. We encourage employees to explore new ideas, take bold initiatives, and grow through continuous learning. We believe excellence is the key to success and integrate it into every product and service we offer. We emphasize collaboration, building close relationships with customers, partners, and employees to achieve common goals. We also take responsibility for the environment and society, committing to sustainability and social contribution.

Future Outloook

We believe that with the continued proliferation of digital payments and ongoing technological advancements, UIC will achieve greater success in the future. We will adapt to market changes, expand our product and solution portfolio, and enter different global markets. We will continue to become the trusted preferred partner for customers and realizing common business objectives.

Company History Journey